Rachel Sulak, Founder and Principal of BOOKSAVVY INC.

Thank you for your interest in BOOKSAVVY. I created the company while working on a special project for a business that did not have the room nor the resources to hire me full-time, however they had the need to fill the role. Voila! BOOKSAVVY was born. 

Throughout my career, I have found that I have a great ability to quickly understand a problem and find a solution. I am somewhat of a "Jill of all trades", and can offer a wide variety of services and bring a unique set of skills to any business environment.

During my graduate studies at Pepperdine University, I earned a Master's degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Organizational Development. I am a QuickBooks Certified User, and have utilized QuickBooks for more than decade. I've held various roles in many different business settings, which has empowered me with the understanding and expertise needed to offer first class assistance to my clients.  I can help you organize, be more efficient, and more profitable... in less time than you think. 

I am the primary solutions provider of BOOKSAVVY, although I will team with other like-minded professionals if the work demands more time than one person can deliver.

All initial consultations are complimentary, and once I have an idea of your needs, we can discuss the rate and estimated hours. Please contact us to get more details.